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they blame it on the media, those with political agendas and those rushing for jump the tv cameras were lined up at an event aimed at showing the progress of fighting hiv/aids in d.c. most of the questions were about the mayor's campaign and his lack of popularity unveiled in a "washington post" poll. >> and a lot of their opinions, i think, have been colored by this investigation and campaign issue. >> reporter: as gray was making his remarks, his attorney bob bennett issued a statement saying, quote, mayor gray is being treated infairly by some in the media and those with their own political agenda. he urged members in the the media to about the good things his administration accomplished, referring to the improvement and job market, new development across the city and brought up an overhaul of the city's taxi cab system. >> and you all in the media, this is what you do every day. i think it would be helpful if you put the facts out there. we know what the facts are.
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it would be helpful if you put the packs out there. >> reporter: gray refused to address what so many residents, even his own friends have asked him to talk about: details about what he knows regarding criminal violations made during his campaign. >> it is a legal issue. i can't get around that and that is where that -- that statement today, that is why he's engaged as my attorney and i'm following his advice. >> reporter: whether gray likes it or not, district residents are focused on the wrongdoing in his campaign. until more is known, even his 18-hour work day won't get much attention. >> i haven't been charged with anything or convicted of anything and would urge people to stronglia ask them to allow the whole process to play out. >> by the way, robert bennett gray's attorney gave the mayor cover today. he wrote in the statement that he is the one telling gray to
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keep quiet and budget wrote i advised mayor gray out of respect for the u.s. attorney's investigation, he should not comment on the facts. laura. >> and until he says something, it won't go away. >> seems that way. we want to know what you think about the latest poll numbers and the calls for the mayor's riseigination. corey staplefoot said if he's truly innocent, he should resign. if he knew about it, he should do what is right. raymond bell wrote i am a longtime d.c. resident and have yet to so any mayor do anything significant for the most vulnerable. mark delia said he needs to go now. o'malley is distancing himself to any connection to mayor gray's campaign investigation and is giving away money donated to his campaign from an accounting firm linked to the scanned a. jeffrey thompson contributed $38,000 has ties to jeannie clark harris, a woman who was charged in the shadow campaign. the mean was donated to a
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veteran's charity. following the news alert following a general services administration already embarrassed by a major spending scandal. the administration is dealing with a second incident. the inspector general found more than a quarter million was spent on an awards ceremony in november of 20 twin. and that one day event took place in crystal city. members of congress are outraged about the wasteful spending. >> and what is incredible is this quarter of a million dollar one-day conference spent a total of $20,578 for 4,000 drum sticks. >> the award ceremony took place after the agency had spent nearly $1 million on a conference for employees in las vegas. the revelation about the vegas conference led to a major shakeup at the agency. the news edge on maryland
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now. pepco's performance during last month's derecchio was under a microscope. the company was blasted from state lawmakers, customers in the audience who were angry and many others. >> reporter: to hear of pepco's top people say that they did a good job, considering nobody predicted the storm on june 29th and that affected millions of customers and was felt over 10 states. but none of the defense fell on sympathetic ears. it didn't help that the storm swept through in the middle of a heat wave and people had no air conditioning and had to toss food from their refrigerators. the council members demanded answers from pepco officials about why it took so long to restore electricity and when -- whether they had enough crews or deserved the 4% rate increase they requested. >> and why was there a long assessment before working neighborhoods began. why did they get few ur mutual assistance crews and other
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utilities of comparable size. >> we use 300,000 man hours to restore personnel -- service to the customers. 3,000 members were mobilized. was the restoration perfect? no, it wasn't perfect. we're always looking for ways to improve and we'll continue that process. >> it's hard for me to know what is accurate when they throw out all of the numbers. what we feel on the ground is nothing improved. >> reporter: and there is congressman vis van holland who saw a utility pole fall in front of his house during the storm and he wrote a strongly worded letter to the county president criticizing pepco's performance. van holland is scug suggesting the state -- suggesting the state reject the pours for -- 4% rate hike that pepco is asking for. >> and thank you. pepco is not the only utility struggling. verizon ran into problems, specifically 911 service went
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down in northern virginia. the federal communications commission wants to know why. it opened an investigation and will examine verizon's performance. the fcc will examine the problems and look at why customers lost their phone service. if maryland governor o'malley wants to call a special session on gambling this summer, he's going to have to breakthrough the glass, as in maryland state delegate glen glass. the republican is opposed to expanding gambling. if the state permits the sixth casino in prince georges county, maryland and ann arundel will suffer. and they feel it will will lower the tax rate on casinos. the push to legalize medical marijuana reaches the white house. what the obama administration had to say about veterans using the drug. sue. >> we're still watching radar closely. more storms are closer now in the western suburbs and popping up here.
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we'll let you know when when to expect it and what to expect in just a few minutes. lindsay, what is going on in sports. >> coming up in sports, the usa hoops team looks olympic ready and the nats have a day game and where was geo gonzalez? that could not have been him on the hill today. >> high and low lights from the matinee later in sports. laura. >> thank you, lindsay. ou, lind . >> catch, huh? the oregon dental association found a way to make brushing your teeth fun. the dentists created the teach me how to brush psa and got the beat from the popular song teach me how to dougie. they hope the video will spread to children that brushing your teeth is fun. teeth is fun. 
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. new at 6, surveillance video of a man suspected a deadly attack in bulgaria. this shows the suspect walking through moments before the explosion. the authorities say the man plow up a bus full of israeli tourists. he had a fake driver's license from michigan. the fbi and cia are helping israeli officials investigate. can you see more unmanned planes flying through our area. today on the hill, a homeland security subcommittee discussed drones. lawmakers are concerned about a plan to allow the drones in banned airspace. >> and that is a problem of scaling up and this vulnerability is not addressed. that is my nightmare scenario. we don't fix it and it's a more
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indigenous problem in the uav navigation systems. >> and a growing number of law enforcement agencies are uses -- using the small unmanned aircraft. the white house is saying no to legalizing marijuana for ptsd patients. more than 800,000 people signed a petition asking them to allow disabled military veterans to treat post traumatic stress disorder with the drug. the white house applied that marijuana doesn't meet standards of safe or effective medicine. 17 states and the district of columbia allow doctors to prescribe marijuana but it's illegal under federal law. >> a former member of the navy's elite seal team 6 launched a campaign against the president. ryan zinky created a political action committee aimed at electing president obama's rival, mitt romney. he said the president took credit for the killing of osama bin laden for political gain and believes that president obama failed as a leader. he is now a republican senator
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inmondmond. and just ahead, it's being called the turning point and the hiv/aid crisis. new efforts to educate and prevent the spread of a virus. oh, killing me softly and -- [ singing ] inging ] . it's a video going viral of a young boy lip sinking to beyonce's countdown while wearing a blue snugy and he matches beyonce and moves the move, outfit for outfit, sort of and -- of and -- [ romney ] i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. [ male announcer ] when a president doesn't tell the truth, how can we trust him to lead? the obama outsourcing attacks:
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"misleading, unfair and untrue." there was "no evidence" that mitt romney shipped jobs overseas. candidate obama lied about hillary clinton. so, shame on you, barack obama. [ male announcer ] but america expects more from a president. obama's dishonest campaign: another reason america has lost confidence in barack obama. oba[romney singing]: ohign: beautiful, for spacious skies, i'm barack obama and i approve this message. for amber waves of grain,
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for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brotherhood...
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. we continue the news edge at 6 with a state of hiv/aids in the district. a new annual report card shows progress in the district but that more work needs to be done. the district received an a- menus in hiv testing and condom distribution, a b minus for education and b plus for youth prevention; however, the city has not shown progress in reducing new infections, late testers or death. meantime, there is some new optimism for treating and preventing the hiv/aids virus. next week, researchers and activisting will descend on washington for the international aids conference. as allison seymour reports, prevention is at a key turning point. >> reporter: he is a gay man who speaks openly about how he contracted hiv. >> and i was raped at 18 by a fellow i was dating at the time. >> reporter: he found out he,
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too, was positive while trying to donate blood. >> the world stopped. i lost all sound. i heard nothing, i pretty much saw nothing. >> reporter: 13 years later at age 31, he is married to his partner, has step kids and works to educate others about hiv and the importance of immediate and ongoing medi-- medical care. hiv researchers and activists will come to the district next week for the international aids conference. >> i think we're at a turning point. >> reporter: the last two years, studies have shown what dr. anthony falsy calls breath taking results and preventing those with hiv from getting it. the research is spurred by the obama administration to call for an aid free generation. >> and we're talking about a significant turning around of the traject or of the pandemic where you can think this a realistic way that this is a goal that is doable. >> reporter: of the 1.2 million infected americans, the government estimates one in
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five are unaware and there are 50,000 new infects here each year. classic prevention methods are still vitally important. condom decrease, general -- distribution. general hiv testing. those efforts are underway in the nation's hotspots. the aids 2012 conference will work to spread the latest testing and treatment methods around the world. >> finding the money and know how is the next major hurdle in perhaps one day having an aids free generation. allison seymour, fox 5 news. new changes coming to youtube. it's allowing users to blurry the faces of people in the videos they upload. the move comes after repeated calls for youtube to protect people's privacy. people can click on the icon that says blur image and upload the video. >> and i am tired of the heat. >> and that is coming.
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i think we're going to put the 90s to bed by three, foredays. and this is better today. >> yesterday was 101, today, 95 and we will take whatever break we can get and the big story is the thunderstorm activity that we expect the next few hours and that is sun over d.c. and we're saying what? watching the areas to the west and we think the main threat with the storms on the way to d.c. will be the potential for heavy rain. on top of areas that have had a lot of heavy rain and not started, and we'll start with you sentinel radar. around the metro area, not much is happening and there is this cluster to the north of baltimore and we're seeing this on out of pennsylvania and through western maryland and this is what we expect to roll into town later. again, the stories out of pittsburgh that i am seeing, not so much wind but the heavy
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rain and some lightning. we'll so what happens to it across the mountains. i expect it here in the suburbs between 7 and 8 and moving through 9, 10:00 and make sure to check us out for the newscast. it's through west virginia where they have the severe thunderstorm watch and more potential energy he and into -- energy here and into southwestern virginia. the main concern is heavy rain. watch for the light think in with this, too and you can see the lightning to pennsylvania. if you're not noticing that, in cumberland and hagerstown and there is some heavy rain in the areas and this is where that heaviest rain will be as the storms come through. the flash flooding is possible in some of the localized areas and wouldn't you to be careful as you get dark, not to drive- thru anything that you unsure of in terms of the depth of the water. seven:00, 89 degrees and some scattered storms around 9, expect them to roll through
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town between 8 and 11:00 and the eastern shore here and this is the future cast. look at the heavy rain that might be up around washington and frederick county and watch that, some hail and by midnight, 11, 12:00 here, we see it in that immediate metro area and looks like it cooks up again tomorrow afternoon and might be heaviest from d.c. on south with a potential for one or two inches of rain and then we're down to lingering showers on saturday. it improves into the afternoon and sunday is looking traffic at this point. what is going on to make it a two-day process in a slow- moving frontal boundary and producing the showers and storms. tomorrow, we have to wait for the area of low pressure to move on through. we'll have another round tomorrow and some more severe
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storms tomorrow, more so than tonight and the outlook area from the mason dixon line to the deep south. for the weekend, saturday, only about 82 degrees and you want to get rid of the heat, that is your day. lingering showers. it will be cooler and mostly in the morning. sunday looks like a real nice day and with some sunshine and a temperature of 85 degrees. we are busy later tonight and stay with us and check your fox 5 weather app. another round of showers and storms, especially in the afternoon and that scattering in the morning, a few lingering on saturday and in through the weekend into next week, laura, looks like temperatures climb into the low 90s. >> okay. >> and that is warm but not scorching. >> and we have the weekend to cool off. >> that is going to be nice. >> thank you very much. the third major underway. how did tiger woods fair in the first round of the british open? next on the sports edge.
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. hello, everybody. i'm lindsay murphy. the nationals designated rick ankeel for assignment and re- enstated drew t is torin from the 15-day dl. the nats first 89 games were missed and piped the 9th inning and retired all fly batters. the nats trying to sweep the mets this afternoon and with
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that third batter of the game. the mets out 2-0. the nats answer. zimmerman tagged dicky to deep left field and to the bullpen, a sololo shot and that is 11 on the year. the deficit is 2-1. the top of the sec, ike davis greets him with another big fly to center field and roger bern earn dino runs out at the wall. the solo shot and 3-1 and getting frustrated. the top of the 3rd, 4-1 and the base hit to left and with that score, the shortest of the year, allowed six earned runs and nats fall 9-1 and go on it win 9-5. >> and one of those days that he didn't have too much or much command. a lot of things weren't going for them. one of those days and i like at things to complete that day.
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there were a lot of good things that happened there and that was proud to see. >> for instance, drew storin coming back. the oriole his a matinee against the twins. top 8, birds down one. the blue pitch to center field and followed by wilson. the orioles go on to edge the twins, 4-3 and earn a split of the four-game series. the first round of the open championship, halloween every day, apparently when watching tiger woods. on the par 5, 7, chips it over the bunker and gets it to roll within a few inches, tiger with a 3-under 67, three off of the lead and adam scott is the leader so far and mechanicelson with in some issues and with the call on the search party to get it, shot a 3-over 73 and
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adams with 6-under and the leader by one. over three golfers including jack zon on -- jack zonson. and for an exhibition against great britain, the red, white, and blue out and that is lebron. had 13 points and then in the third, darren williams with the killer crossover and with that no-look pass to lebron, the u.s. cruises past great britain, 119-78. now you have the news edge. the news is always on keep it here. tmz on tv is next. [ male announcer ] where did all the obama stimulus money go?
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friends, donors, campaign supporters, special interest groups where did the obama stimulus money go? solyndra: 500 million taxpayer dollars. bankrupt. so where did the obama stimulus money go? windmills from china.

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